Gruene Harley Staff
Ive been riding hogs since 1979. It was a cafe racer. It ran like crap but it got the attention of a lot of girls. I have been to many different states and gone to over a hundred Harley stores and shops. I have to say that Gruene Harley has to be in the top three shops with great staff working. I call it like I see them. When in doubt knock them out. I will be buying another new bike from them in the next two years. I like their service and how they treat other riders of color. They treat everyone the same. I may look like a biker that doesnt have much, but in reality I own a electronics firm in Elk Grove California and cater to high end clients. Im only stating that due to how Gruene staff treated me like a long time friend family member from day one. I treat my clients the same. My helmet is off to the owners of Gruene Harley. Charlie Martinez P.s. No one asked me to fill out this rating. I did it because I wanted to.
Charlie Martinez
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