Kudos To Michael Ray
I had 2 bad experiences with Gruene Harley's service department this year. The first time my '02 trike was in the shop for a month and the problem was not fixed. The second time it was there 4 months and, although the original problem was rectified, it came back with several issues that did not exist when it went it the shop. I wrote two negative reviews, one after it spent the 4 months sitting in the shop and a second one when the new problems surfaced. The new service manager, Michael Ray, contacted me on August 21st, told me the general manager had forwarded my review(s) to him and wanted him to contact me about them. Michael was friendly and asked me to bring my trike in and give them to opportunity to make it right. I was skeptical about returning to this dealership but decided to give them another chance based on the service department having someone new in charge. I dropped my trike off on Wednesday, the 25th, with a promise that it would be in the shop no later than Friday. Michael and I also discussed the fact that I was planning to attend a bike rally starting on 16 September and needed it back in time to do a couple of other thing to get it ready. Because my wife is recovering from surgery and cannot drive one of the shop employees was detailed to drive me home to San Marcos. Michael kept me informed of the status of the repair process on a regular basis. Some of the parts had to be tracked down and bought from another dealer causing some unavoidable delays. When he called me on the 15th of September to let me know that it was done and ready for pick up I was already loaded up and ready to leave on my trip a day early. At this point I wouldn't have had tome to get the other things I needed to take care of done. Michael offered to have it trailered up to me immediately but I told him not to and I would contact him when I returned. I called him when I got back home on the 22nd and he had my trike delivered to me the next morning. I had time to take it out for a shake down run that afternoon. All of the issues have been taken care of and I couldn't be happier. As long as they have a service manager of Michael Ray's caliber I will not hesitate to have Gruene Harley Davidson work on my trike and highly recommend them to anyone who owns a Harley! In fact, one of the things I was going to do is replace the clutch cable. I have already decided to let Michael and his team of technicians handle that. (Employee: Michael Ray)
Don Griggs
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