Regular Maintance and preparing for Sturgis
The above people mentioned are All Stars. To prepare for Sturgis, I needed some parts. I had taken a 30 day trip and found out my bike was having problems. One of the Cobra mufflers broke and had insufficient torque to go over mountains. Stephen offered a consult and found the parts I needed. Stephen revealed that the muffler was under warranty, and he contacted Cobra directly to send the replacement. While the replacement would not arrive in time, mufflers were available through another intermediary and were ordered instantly. I also needed a torque cam. With time running out until my expedition, Stephen contacted local vendors to look for an appropriate cam, however the cam was on back order and would not arrive on time. During this experience, Stephen's professionalism was beyond all expectations. He puts customers and their concerns first. He was clear and concise with options and truly did go the extra mile. Next, Zack was of phenomenal service. Zack helped me schedule my appointments within the bike in the shop. Zack kept me informed of any updates and the general progress of bike repairs and maintenance. Next, James is a super mechanic. He assembled the parts on my bike as well as the regular maintenance. He always takes time to listen to my concerns about my bike and is always ready to assist me with any technical questions I may have. He is a patience and professionalism shines through during every visit. Lastly, Jay was the sales person that sold me my bike. Whenever I have questions about my bike, I ask Jay. I explain the problems I am having with the bike, and Jay gives me solutions to these problems. He has vast knowledge, and I am always interested in his recommendations for upgrades and maintenance. He is very personable and patient with all my questions. These employees are THE professionals. They always put the customer first. They are given potentially stressful situations and are able to address each step of a process with ease and grace. I believe, truly, that they are the BEST in TEXAS. (Employee: Stephen Gomez, Zack Woodham, James Halm III, Jay Petitt)
Ramon Rodriguez
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