Lack of customer service
I had my bike towed in three weeks ago today. During that time I received only one phone call from Zack or the shop. I was not informed of the back order on the part needed to fix my bike till I finally was transferred to the parts department at which point I spoke with Steven who had a shit attitude and told me I should be the one to call Javelina HD because they might have the part I need. This is the worst experience Ive ever had at any shop Ive had dealings with. Having worked at a Harley-Davidson shop myself, I strived to keep the customer updated and when instances like mine I would see if I could find part(s) needed to complete the job and then get with the customer and inform them of the situation and ask what they wanted to do. Apparently thats not the Gruene Harley-Davidson way. I guess they just prefer to let you figure it out on your own. Oh, and to top it all off the only reason why I knew my bike was done is because I received the survey email which was Wednesday 2 Sept then showed up the following Monday 7 Sept to pick it up and they hadnt even washed it yet which I completely understand is a courtesy. I dont know whats happened in their service department since the last time I was in there, but it down right sucks right now. (Employee: Zack Woodham)
Charles Barquest
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